Cross Docking

Cross docking is the act of unloading materials from an inbound shipment and combining them with other materials or re-processing for final delivery with little or no storage in between. By breaking down incoming shipments at the dock, matching them with pending orders and/or instructions then reloading the cargo for its next destination, cross docking eliminates the storage and labor costs of conventional warehousing.

To meet our customers’ needs and improve delivery scheduling we utilize Cross Docking services. This helps ensure that products and freight loads are processed quickly.  Our main priority is to help move your freight goods on time. Delivery to the preassigned destinations while meeting your scheduled deadlines is key.  Numerous customers frequently ship a wide variety of products or freight goods using a single inbound container. We offer cross dock solutions to save you time and money. Bravo Customs understands cross docks are hectic, fast paced environments, which is why we offer numerous services to streamline your cross dock processes.

Cross Dock Logistics Services

  • Loading and Unloading
  • Pallet Breaking and Repacking
  • Export Consolidation for Complete Fulfillment
  • Import Deconsolidation and Distribution of Product
  • Streamline the Supply Chain from Point of Origin to Destination
  • Tracking Ability to See End-to-End Cross Dock Movement
  • Flexibility in Our Network of Transportation Providers
  • Origin Masking: Paperwork / Label Reprocessing to Protect Confidential Information